Dealing with depression without medication

In our current society, depression is indispensable. Almost everyone uses antidepressants or knows someone who uses these medicines. Although antidepressants work well for the treatment of the symptoms of depression , they do not resolve the causes.

Nutrition, exercise, positivity, and light can all play a role in your mood and your emotional health. Although this is often sufficient to eliminate depression from your life, sometimes more is needed.

Depression and bad sense are of course very different. If you are like most people, then you have some days in between that are just great. Sometimes you feel like you have supernatural powers, and sometimes you feel like your day is messed up and nothing can be done about it. After all, life is not perfect and we all have our good and our bad days – and there is nothing wrong with that.

Depression, however, may require medical attention – and if you really think you suffer depression, then you should not waste time trying to heal yourself, then you should simply make an appointment with your doctor. That is the most important thing. Of course, you can then take steps to get your illness under control in a natural way, but it is important to first talk to someone who understands and knows your personal situation.

The regular treatment of depression

The traditional treatment of depression consists of balancing certain neurotransmitters with the help of medicines. Medicines have their place of course, of course, but many of the drugs that are focused on depression fall short. They often do not work better than a placebo, and they have many unwanted side effects . Like statins, these drugs do not focus on the real cause of the disease – but only on the symptoms. They can be effective in the short term, but to solve your problem you have to tackle the underlying causes.

Many different studies have been conducted with regard to depression. Although many deal with the effects of certain drugs, there are also studies that focus on the effectiveness of lifestyle changes and their effect on conditions such as depression. In most studies, the important recommendations can be distinguished into the following categories: being happy, spending time outside, physical exercise and nutrition.

Treat the depression step by step naturally

Before you get started with natural treatment methods, it is important that you judge your mood well, so that you can see exactly whether you are indeed making progress. Of course this takes time, but if you notice at a certain point that it really does not work, then of course you have to find another solution and take a different route.

Step 1: Keep a diary

So the first step is to keep a diary. Write down every day how you feel and whether there were certain details. Start here preferably 1 week in advance, so you can assess your mood well before you make adjustments to your lifestyle. Also give a number between 0 and 10 every day to indicate how you feel on this day, with the lowest number being the worst and the highest number being very lucky. Then do this every day and evaluate your progress every month .

Do not expect that you will go forward by leaps and bounds – you need time. But if you do not see any progress after two or three months, then it is up to the time to re-evaluate your plan of approach and adjust it if necessary.

Step 2: Plan your day

Hold on to the next schedule every day. This not only ensures that you feel better, but also creates the necessary stability:

Determine the actions you feel good about and perform them first in the morning. Try to stay here every day! So for example: if you are thrilled with an extensive breakfast, make sure you can enjoy your breakfast every day relaxed.
Plan your day from hour to hour. Set realistic and achievable goals for yourself so that you can measure your success.
Reward yourself after every action that does not automatically carry an automatic reward.
Focus on the things that go well, even if they are still so small.
Keep every day your diary to measure your progress

Step 3: Be happy

Sounds easier said than done, but something simple can have powerful effects. Studies have shown that when you focus your attention on something positive, the serotonin levels in your brain will automatically shoot up. It has been known for some time that the thoughts you think can change the blood supply to the brain, but only recently have studies discovered that your thoughts also affect the amount of neurotransmitters in your brain. For example, it has been shown that meditation has a positive effect on the production of dopamine , and feelings of happiness have an influence on the production of serotonin.

Step 4: Go out more often

We have known for a long time that just outside and as many sun rays as possible have a very big effect on your mental health. By going outside more often (and then preferably when it is light and when the sun shines), you increase your productivity, happiness and ensure better overall health. During the day you are usually in the office and of course it is almost impossible to put your desk outside and work there, but there are other ways to get outside. The reason why this is so effective is the influence of light on the function of our brains. For example, light therapy is already used more often today to increase serotonin production and to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

Step 5: Start exercising

It seems as if every article about health is also about sports. Although there is indeed a core of truth there, this shows how important sport actually is. We are made to move, our body needs regular movement, because otherwise something gets out of balance and that’s where the problems begin. Sports is certainly important – also for the treatment of depression!

Although you do not have to go to the gym every day for hours (in fact, this will probably not benefit your mental health), the right sport can have many benefits. A recent analysis of several studies has shown that sport has an extremely positive effect on depression and improving your mood in general. Particularly for mild depression, sport is now increasingly prescribed instead of antidepressants, simply because it has proved to be equally effective in these cases and because risk and side effects are virtually non-existent.

Step 6: A healthy diet

Of course you have already seen that coming after the previous step! But here too it must be emphasized how important a healthy diet is and how much influence it has on almost every aspect of your functioning! In fact, if you choose to follow only one step, follow these. Adjusting your diet is probably the best thing you can do for your health.

During a depression it is important that your diet consists of many healthy carbohydrates. Carbohydrates increase the production of dopamine, which in turn has an effect on your mental condition. Be sure to opt for natural and unprocessed sources, such as gluten-free wholegrain cereals (such as oatmeal and brown rice) and sweet potatoes. Beans and legumes should also regularly appear on the menu, because these provide your body with healthy proteins . The consumption of sufficient protein is associated with a better mood.

How fast can you lose your fat?

Many people think they can lose a few pounds of fat with a crash diet in just a few weeks. Although this is not true, it is believed. The main reason for this is that people are falsely informed by vendors of supplements and diets. We are also all cheated with ‘before-and-after photos’ of people who claim to have lost a lot in a short time while in reality it has taken longer. What do you need to know to get a realistic view of this? gives you the clear view.


Nature knows certain boundaries everywhere. There is also a limit to the number of calories that you can get from your own fat mass per day. This appears to be connected to the number of kilos of fat you have. You can use about 70 kcal per day per kg of fat that you have , according to research ( source ). If you know that 1 gram of fat is 9 kcal then 70 kcal is 7.8 grams of fat. So you can lose a maximum of 7.8 grams of fat per day per kilogram of body fat. Below you will see a table in which you can quickly see what your fat mass is worth in terms of calories and fat to lose.

Losing weight is becoming less and less fast

The table above explains why you are losing less and less quickly. In the beginning, when you had 20 kilos of fat you could lose a kilo of fat every week, and now that you only have 14 kilos of fat you can only lose 750 grams. This is normal and healthy. A bodybuilder with a fat percentage of 8% can take a few weeks to lose a few hundred grams of fat to get 7% fat. Too fast and therefore losing weight is not an option for him. This comes again because the number of grams of fat you can consume is directly dependent on the number of kilos of fat you have.

That’s it!

Anyone who says that you can fall off faster than at this rate is either lying or means your lean mass and fluid. Your lean body includes your muscle mass and you do not want to lose. Moisture sometimes. Daily fluctuations in your weight are usually due to fluid and intestinal contents and not to fat. Do not be fooled by that.

The first kilos

When you just start with a caloric deficit, there is a good chance that you will start to use some stored energy in the muscles (glycogen). Adults can have about 400 grams of glycogen, depending on the muscle mass. Water is used when this glycogen is consumed. As a result, you also lose about 2 to 3 grams of water per gram of glycogen. This can therefore amount to a weight loss of about 1.5 kilos. This of course motivates but keep in mind that this is not fat, but glycogen and moisture. The rules in the table apply to losing fat.

Do not be too greedy!

As mentioned above by Herbals Daily, nature knows certain limits. There is also a limit to what you can eat less per day. What I do not want is that as a reader with 30 kilograms of fat you think you can eat 2100 kcal less per day (or can consume with sports). Your body functions best when you eat at least the number of kcal of your basic metabolism. If you want to sit down there, I recommend doing this under supervision. Feel free to contact me if you want customized advice.

Forgetful or dementia?

“Grandma gets a bit demented.” The word ‘dement’ has been given the same meaning in our language as ‘forgetful’. But dementia means more than just memory loss. How do you know if someone is suffering from dementia and can you do something about it?

The word dementia indicates that there is a decline in the functioning of the brain. The different tasks that the brain has, the so-called cognitive functions, are no longer performed properly.

Different types of dementia

Not only the memory is affected, but also the language use (aphasia), motor planning (apraxia) and the recognition of people and objects (agnosia). Someone with dementia suffers from these symptoms during normal daily activities. The decline in cognition can be the result of many disorders. The disease of Alzheimer’s is most famous. But Parkinson , Creutzfeld-Jakob , Huntington and even Aids can also cause dementia. All result in the patient being able to function less well, but in exactly which way, depends on the location and nature of the dementia.


A beginning dementia, especially Alzheimer’s, is so insidious that it quickly goes unnoticed. Demented elderly people can come up with good excuses and their partners get a lot of problems for them. They help them with things that have been lost and take over tasks from them. The problems often suddenly become visible in unexpected situations. For example, if the partner dies or the patient breaks a hip. Demented people can only adapt badly to this new situation. The decline suddenly becomes painfully clear. Weird situations can arise. The glasses that have been lost for days are found in the freezer. The refrigerator bulges with a supply of milk that is replenished every day. The patient asks about people who have been dead for years, or suddenly does not know how to make coffee.

The once-civilized man taps one scandalous joke after another, in a situation where it does not fit at all. Many people also become disoriented. That means that they no longer know where they are and in what time they live. For example, they see their child for their mother. Because these demented elderly people also notice that something is wrong, they often become suspicious. They think that others are moving things or that they are being fooled. Or worse: that other people think they are going crazy. Gradually there will be so many functions that the patients become more and more in need of help. They run the risk of losing contact. The world around them is no longer recognizable. They prefer to be in their heads, with their own memories. What is striking about Alzheimer’s is that the patient suffers from his limitations. Socially they remain very skilled, they retain their character and experienced emotions.


The genes play a major role for most types of dementia. These determine how the brain develops. In Alzheimer’s, this manifests itself in a deviation in protein production. In the brain, protein accumulations, so-called tangles and plaques, which make the transmission of information more difficult. Other possible causes, lack of vitamins or exposure to heavy metals are still not proven.


To be sure of dementia it is wise to visit a doctor or a memory clinic. They can determine with certainty whether dementia is involved and which type. They can also exclude other causes of the problems. Many of the symptoms can also indicate a delirium , normal memory loss, depression or anxiety disorder.

Treatment methods

There is no cure for dementia. It is a neurodegenerative disorder. This means that the course can not improve, you can at most slow it down. By living healthy, both mentally and physically, the body can better absorb the deficiencies that dementia entails. As a result, for example, the brain is trained in searching for information and the heart provides a good blood circulation for all those nerve cells in the brain.

Often certain vitamins are recommended: vitamin B12, B6 and folic acid. The effects are being investigated, but are still not proven. The quality of life can also be maintained for as long as possible. Memories or aids in the home can contribute to self-reliance. Bystanders can learn how they can best help and approach the demented. Understanding what dementia entails is an important first step. If you want a brief elaboration on mental health treatment, visit as here you can find some of the best nootropic supplements reviewed honestly.

Do Extra Physical Activities To Stay Fit

Sports is not only helpful for a healthy body but also brings many other benefits. Fancy more recommends 6 ideas for developing into our weekly schedule.

Not only your self-confidence is enhanced by an excellent sports session. Your body immune system is also strengthened, and stress and depression are combated. Although we understand sports is good, it is not easy to make time for sports in our hectic schedule. Fancy more suggests a couple of suggestions to incorporate these sport works out more easily into our daily routine, in order to move more and become more fit.

Tips to become fitter

To offer our metabolism a boost, we can start planning a sports session a minimum of when a week. If that is not so simple, we choose interval training: these are short however intense workouts, followed by time-outs. Here, there is a consistent alternation between peaceful and extensive exercises.

During the lunch break, a walk is always an outstanding concept. We experiment with at least 3 different paths, and we exchange them. Research has shown that females who work inactive however likewise 4 days a week for a walk of half an hour, have an equally high (low) danger of heart complaints as females who have actually currently played their whole lives.
Go outside. Outside we burn more calories due to the fact that the body has to work harder to remain warm.

Ending up being fitter at work

While we sit on our (desk) chair, we tighten up 10x our glutes. We try to complete 10 sessions of this.

Raising the legs is outstanding for the abdominal muscles. While we are sitting, we raise our extended legs upwards, hold them for a minute, and lower them again.

Take the stairs, rather of the elevator!

We utilize the WC on another floor, and utilize the stairs too.

You can also play sports during shopping. Certainly, shopping can be a good cardio and resistance training. Strolling from shop to store while we bring our bags everywhere is for that reason helpful. Dropping the legs (crouching) when we want to reach products that are low is an additional idea.

After having gone through these ideas, there need to in fact be no excuse for stagnating any longer. A lovely warm shower is constantly something to anticipate after a long sport session, specifically if you utilize scrumptious smelling hair shampoo.

4 Weeks Egg Diet

The four-week egg diet – a popular way to lose weight. Total for the month special meals additional weight will melt, and the figure will become an attractive form. Egg diet plan 4 weeks, has many advantages: it is available, efficient, does not take much time cooking, safeguards versus cravings, assists the development of correct dietary routines.

Eggs: damage or benefit?

The relationship of doctors to chicken eggs altered consistently. On the one hand, this product was accused that it triggers allergies, contains a big quantity of cholesterol, typically infected with salmonella. On the other hand – the eggs were provided to foods that are naturally a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, lecithin and healthy fats.

Today, the eggs are allowed to use practically all food – this product is thought about very helpful for people who wish to lose weight.

Additionally there are unique diets based upon eggs. Obviously they consist of a range of food, however the eggs on the day-to-day menu.

If within a month to meet such a diet, you can lose weight by 5-10 kg. Nevertheless, nutritionists suggest to drop weight rapidly, so if the weight starts to go quick, you can make yourself a little extravagance – for example, contributing to the standard diet plan a couple of pieces of black bread or grain.

General concepts of the diet plan

Every day a couple of eggs need to consume for breakfast, and on some days and dinner. Eggs should be prepared in a bag or a hard-boiled, lovers can eat soft-boiled eggs, however no bread.

The diet plan will work if you do not breach the basic rules:

You need to adhere strictly to the advised diet;
Can not be supplemented with a number of other items;
Portions should be small: rather of the normal meal, it is recommended to take a dessert;
During the day you need to drink plenty of water. Other beverages (with the possible exception of green tea) under the restriction;
The last meal needs to be at least 3 hours before bedtime Dream: how to comprehend our dreams Dreams: ways to understand our dreams

A half grapefruit and two boiled eggs need to be eaten every day for 2 weeks prior to breakfast. Grapefruit can be changed with orange. Lunch and dinner menu changes:

On the first day throughout the meal you can have a number of fruits, however only one species. At supper – 200 grams of prepared lean meat without garnish;

Day 2. For lunch, boiled chicken without skin for dinner a few eggs, toast, green salad without dressing and half a grapefruit;

On the 3rd day at lunch, low-fat cheese with tomato and toast, and for dinner to consume – a piece of lean meat;
Menu of the 4th day consists of fruit for lunch and lean meat with salad for dinner;

On the 5th day for lunch, you can pamper yourself salad of boiled veggies and two eggs, and for dinner – boiled fish with green salad and orange;

  • On the sixth day are performed in the same way as in the fourth;
  • Seventh Day Lunch – a skinless chicken with fresh salad and dinner is recommended to consume cooked veggies;
  • The 8th day. For lunch lean meat with salad, 2 eggs for dinner with a salad and citrus;
  • On the ninth day of dinner you can lean meat with salad and dinner is the same as breakfast – eggs and grapefruit;
  • The lunch menu includes the tenth day of meat with cucumbers, supper repeats breakfast;
  • The eleventh day. Lunch 2 eggs, cooked vegetables, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese. At supper, 2 boiled eggs;
  • The twelfth day. For lunch the fish without garnish, and for dinner two eggs;
  • Menu thirteenth day of the meat with tomatoes for lunch and fresh fruit in each mix for dinner;
  • Fourteenth day: lunch and dinner can be eaten boiled chicken without skin, boiled veggies, citrus fruit.

By the end of the second week of weight-loss is likewise really significant. To combine the results achieved every day, only one item is consumed in unlimited amounts:

The first day – all fruit;
Second day – all vegetables except potatoes;
3rd day – all vegetables and fruits;
The 4th day – cooked fish (can be supplemented with a small amount of veggies);.
5th day – lean meat (can also be combined with veggies);.
Sixth day – boiled eggs (can be integrated with citrus vegetables and fruits);.
Seventh day – fruit.

The fourth week – the last. It helps the body to adapt to a typical diet. This extra weight will continue to leave:.

  • Throughout the very first day to eat four slices (half a hand palm) of prepared meat, a pot of canned tuna without oil, three tomatoes, cucumber and four an orange;.
  • Menu of the second day: 200 grams of meat, an egg, tomato, four cucumber, apple;.
  • During the third day, an egg, a plate of cooked vegetables, low-fat home cheese, a tablespoon, a few cucumbers and tomatoes, toast and a grapefruit should be consumed;.
  • On the fourth day should be treated with a half chicken, three tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and pears;.
  • Menu fifth day: 2 eggs, grapefruit, green salad, a couple of tomatoes;.
  • During the 6th day you can take pleasure in 2 chicken fillets, 125 grams of cheese and the exact same quantity of yoghurt, a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers;.
  • On the last day of the diet includes eggs, canned tuna, fresh vegetables and grapefruit.

Evaluations of egg diet for 4 weeks.

Due to the fact that the diet plan is varied, it is simple to keep. In the opinion of the reduced weight, the weight continues to go for the whole month, but in the first week of the extra pounds simply melt away.

Drawbacks experienced just those suffering from illness of the liver and intestinal system – they egg diet plan Egg diet – the total rehabilitation of the eggs Egg diet plan – the total rehabilitation of the eggs hardly appropriate. Healthy people can likewise lose a lot.

7 Tips To Lose Weight without dieting

1. I have stopped meat

A biological hamburger from AH contains 225 kcal. Which 16 grams of fat and 7 grams of hydrogenated fat.
A vegetarian burger from the Vegetarian Butcher consists of 133 kcal. Of which 6.3 grams of fat and 1.3 grams of saturated fat.
Even if both people consume precisely the very same meal, the vega burger conserves nearly 92 kcal. And this kind of smidgens ticks (or in this case).

And a vega hamburger is actually the less healthy choice. That means: if you can minimize meat substitutes and cheese, you will save even more calories.

The less meat you consume, the much easier it is to lose weight without a diet. Just because you do not get a great deal of calories.

2. I offer low-calorie ‘filling’.

Precisely. I love feeling full, and I am unfortunate from little determined parts. Rather, I stop my meals full of veggies. Calorie-poor, full of nutrients and delightfully healthy.

For example, in a curry meal with wild rice, seitan and curry paste, an entire zucchini, two onions, a couple of cloves of garlic, a cup of peas and half a pack of mushrooms vanish.

This supplies a rich meal that I can consume as much as I desire, while I can still lose weight. And the benefit is the next day I can also have lunch with it!

I make sure I can simply sit full, without stopping myself with unneeded calories. When I treat two carrots, I feel more saturated than after 3 cookies. The roots include about 15 to 20 calories. 3 cookies soon 180 calories.

Not that I never consume cookies again. But it makes individuals think.;-RRB-.

3. I eat whole vegetable nutrition as much as possible.

The stronger your diet plan, the harder it ends up being to slim down. So I consume as much vegetable nutrition as possible.

As much as possible:.

Veggies and leafy veggies.
Whole grains.
Nuts and seeds.
I do my finest to stay away from highly processed foods, although I do not always succeed. However the better it works, the much easier I lose.

4. I barely drink calories.

I consume water, cold-brew-iced tea, carbonated water and tea and coffee without milk and sugar (with the exception of soya coffee in the city).

The only calories I routinely drink are beer and wine. And as you comprehend, I deal with it as consciously as possible. However just like the cookies, that does not constantly work.

Anyhow. The less alcohol I drink, the easier I squander. Because I do not drink calories for the rest.

The point is: a soft drink does not make you feel complete. However it includes as many calories as 300 grams of carrots. Try to throw that back in two minutes.

5. I do not reject myself whatever.

No. Because if I’m too tough on myself, I’m just unhealthy food.

To slim down you need to get fewer calories than you burn. So that’s how I deal with that:.

I make sure that I consume healthy first so that I have less hunger for junk food.
I supply healthy fillers when I eat unhealthily. At the beverages, I put cherry tomatoes, carrots, and hummus. Super delicious and it limits the ‘damage’.
I simply never ever get particular junk foods into your home. Like chocolate bars. For those calories, I choose to operate in a stack of cookies.
I move more when I understand that I have actually eaten excessive. Running for half an hour does marvels.
I consume less rich foods the next day to bring everything in balance.
I am doing my finest to update ‘guilty satisfaction’. Such as vegetarian beauty parlor. Somewhat less tasty than the original, a lot healthier.
I have actually just chosen brand-new preferred foods. Not only picked on taste, however likewise on how it makes me feel later.
I grant myself what I like. And gradually I try to lessen the unfavorable effect and enhance the great impact.

Vegetarian beauty parlor.

6. I move where I can.

I incorporate movement as much as possible in my life. Between, I do some strength training (just impressions for instance). I do yoga regularly. I walk a lot (with and without a canine).

I cycle from Delft to Rotterdam each week. And I do running, generally about 6-8 km at a time.

In some cases when I enjoy a discussion on YouTube, I put my laptop in the bookcase and I simply stroll on the spot.
Sometimes I do yoga while viewing a program, such as throughout Heel Holland Bakt.
When I drink wine with a pal in the city, we typically walk around the city for another hour. Due to the fact that it’s fun, and due to the fact that it’s nice.
Throughout my work, I take little breaks to prevent RSI problems. Then I extend and do some push-ups or yoga postures.
If the weather is great then Billy and I cycle as much as possible. For instance to household, buddies, and locations where we have to be.
If I pass public transport, I try to walk a lot. I skip the escalator and avoid the tram (if it is less than 20 minutes walk) and just stroll.
The more I move, the more I can consume and fall off. And it simply feels great.

7. I take a look at the long-lasting.

I am not hectic with slimming down. I am working to raise my health. A part of this is less processed food. And the less scrap I eat, the slimmer I end up being. Rational.

I am busy with the long term, not with how I see this summertime on the beach. That makes sure that I am not blinded to weird diet plans that guarantee quick results. I just take care of my body along with possible, and the result is that I slowly waste.

That gives peace. And it gives the desired outcome. No yo-yo effect, no ups, and downs. No drastic changes in my diet. However small actions, little improvements, and small results.

And all those little bits together make up a good whole. That makes me feel fitter, slimmer, more energetic and better.

Without diet plan. Simple.

Consuming healthy and reducing weight is simple.
Healthy eating and slimming down course you want more ideas and motivation to consume healthier? Then register for my online course Blei body.

This course assists you to make healthy consuming fun, simple and simple and easy. In little actions, with wise hacks and brand-new practices. That way, healthy consuming ends up being much easier!

Become slimmer, healthier, fitter and happier with your body. With Blei body you handle to leave those Tony chocolate bars and pick healthy and scrumptious food.

Why It Is Important To Eat Fruits And Vegetables

We can consume vegetables and fruit to get more energy back. These are their advantages for a healthy body!

Because of their high content of fiber, vitamins and minerals, vegetables and fruit promote health. Looking after our body can be done in an enjoyable and varied method, for instance with a recipe for a detox salad or a scrumptious home-made lemonade! 5 pieces of vegetables and fruit per day is the minimum!

The healthy impact of veggies

Look: hearts are trump!

As an exceptional blood thinner makes sure a protective role for the heart and capillary. It includes selenium that has an antioxidant result. Since of this, garlic likewise works versus bacteria and plays a preventive role in the occurrence of some kinds of cancer.

Beet: energetic

Beets are abundant in minerals and trace elements and contain various vitamins such as vitamins B and C. Their fibers promote bowel function. This veggie is generally best prepared. If we consume them raw, we grate them the best. The health benefits of this vegetable are actually shown.

Carrots: prevent cardiovascular disease

The root makes sure an excellent food transport. It is low in calories (15 kcal/ 100 g), but supplies our body with a large range of vitamins (C, B, E) and minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron). The healthy influence of this veggie need to not be shown. Raw, grated, as soup or side dish: the carrot fits in every meal.

The cabbage: detoxifying

Coals reduce the effects of the hazardous impacts of pollution and speed up the excretion of toxins, so that elements of aging and cancer are combated. The health benefits of the cabbage are exceptional. As a source of vitamin C, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. Thanks to the excellent calcium-phosphorus ratio, calcium is better taken in by the body. The fibers on their part guarantee great gastrointestinal function.

Green beans: dietary balance

Green beans – or as many also call them princess beans or green beans – consist of couple of calories and are very rich in vitamins A, B9, C and minerals. For just 30 kcal/ 100g, it is among the most protein and fiber-rich green vegetables. Green beans are a great vegetable for health and are significantly valued for their nutritional homes. We endure them extremely well: at any age, cold in salad or lukewarm with a dash of lemon.

Turnips: our light compagnons

Turnips relieve our sauce meals while providing a supply of various minerals, such as calcium, potassium and sulfur. They balance our plate in all circumstances.

Clementines: the winter fruit!

Clementines are easy to consume at any hour of the day. This healthy fruit is a genuine winner for the winter season. It contains few calories, is abundant in vitamin C, minerals and trace elements and has numerous anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties.

Kiwi: shape and tone

A kiwi (40 kcal) by itself currently supplies the suggested everyday amount of vitamin C! With its wealth of minerals, it provides our organism with potassium, iron, copper and calcium and helps in the battle against a lazy bowel. Is kiwi healthy? No doubt! At breakfast it is our best possession for a day in leading kind.

Orange: versus tiredness

Exactly what makes orange healthy? Its advised daily amount of vitamin C! And besides its really rich potassium and magnesium material, the orange offers our organism with as much calcium as milk. Pressed orange preserves as great as all dietary value, but we have to drink the juice rapidly, because the pushed fruit oxidizes and loses its vitamin content. Also useful to know: stains of orange simply disappear with cleaning powder.

Apple: anti-cholesterol

An apple is healthy, we have understood that for a long time! Frequently consuming an apple decreases the level of cholesterol in the blood and balances the sugar level. With its wealth of minerals and vitamins, it is a source for a well balanced diet plan. His fibers regulate the digestive transit. It is the ideal fruit as a snack.