4 Weeks Egg Diet

The four-week egg diet – a popular way to lose weight. Total for the month special meals additional weight will melt, and the figure will become an attractive form. Egg diet plan 4 weeks, has many advantages: it is available, efficient, does not take much time cooking, safeguards versus cravings, assists the development of correct dietary routines.

Eggs: damage or benefit?

The relationship of doctors to chicken eggs altered consistently. On the one hand, this product was accused that it triggers allergies, contains a big quantity of cholesterol, typically infected with salmonella. On the other hand – the eggs were provided to foods that are naturally a source of protein, vitamins, minerals, lecithin and healthy fats.

Today, the eggs are allowed to use practically all food – this product is thought about very helpful for people who wish to lose weight.

Additionally there are unique diets based upon eggs. Obviously they consist of a range of food, however the eggs on the day-to-day menu.

If within a month to meet such a diet, you can lose weight by 5-10 kg. Nevertheless, nutritionists suggest to drop weight rapidly, so if the weight starts to go quick, you can make yourself a little extravagance – for example, contributing to the standard diet plan a couple of pieces of black bread or grain.

General concepts of the diet plan

Every day a couple of eggs need to consume for breakfast, and on some days and dinner. Eggs should be prepared in a bag or a hard-boiled, lovers can eat soft-boiled eggs, however no bread.

The diet plan will work if you do not breach the basic rules:

You need to adhere strictly to the advised diet;
Can not be supplemented with a number of other items;
Portions should be small: rather of the normal meal, it is recommended to take a dessert;
During the day you need to drink plenty of water. Other beverages (with the possible exception of green tea) under the restriction;
The last meal needs to be at least 3 hours before bedtime Dream: how to comprehend our dreams Dreams: ways to understand our dreams

A half grapefruit and two boiled eggs need to be eaten every day for 2 weeks prior to breakfast. Grapefruit can be changed with orange. Lunch and dinner menu changes:

On the first day throughout the meal you can have a number of fruits, however only one species. At supper – 200 grams of prepared lean meat without garnish;

Day 2. For lunch, boiled chicken without skin for dinner a few eggs, toast, green salad without dressing and half a grapefruit;

On the 3rd day at lunch, low-fat cheese with tomato and toast, and for dinner to consume – a piece of lean meat;
Menu of the 4th day consists of fruit for lunch and lean meat with salad for dinner;

On the 5th day for lunch, you can pamper yourself salad of boiled veggies and two eggs, and for dinner – boiled fish with green salad and orange;

  • On the sixth day are performed in the same way as in the fourth;
  • Seventh Day Lunch – a skinless chicken with fresh salad and dinner is recommended to consume cooked veggies;
  • The 8th day. For lunch lean meat with salad, 2 eggs for dinner with a salad and citrus;
  • On the ninth day of dinner you can lean meat with salad and dinner is the same as breakfast – eggs and grapefruit;
  • The lunch menu includes the tenth day of meat with cucumbers, supper repeats breakfast;
  • The eleventh day. Lunch 2 eggs, cooked vegetables, low-fat cheese or cottage cheese. At supper, 2 boiled eggs;
  • The twelfth day. For lunch the fish without garnish, and for dinner two eggs;
  • Menu thirteenth day of the meat with tomatoes for lunch and fresh fruit in each mix for dinner;
  • Fourteenth day: lunch and dinner can be eaten boiled chicken without skin, boiled veggies, citrus fruit.

By the end of the second week of weight-loss is likewise really significant. To combine the results achieved every day, only one item is consumed in unlimited amounts:

The first day – all fruit;
Second day – all vegetables except potatoes;
3rd day – all vegetables and fruits;
The 4th day – cooked fish (can be supplemented with a small amount of veggies);.
5th day – lean meat (can also be combined with veggies);.
Sixth day – boiled eggs (can be integrated with citrus vegetables and fruits);.
Seventh day – fruit.

The fourth week – the last. It helps the body to adapt to a typical diet. This extra weight will continue to leave:.

  • Throughout the very first day to eat four slices (half a hand palm) of prepared meat, a pot of canned tuna without oil, three tomatoes, cucumber and four an orange;.
  • Menu of the second day: 200 grams of meat, an egg, tomato, four cucumber, apple;.
  • During the third day, an egg, a plate of cooked vegetables, low-fat home cheese, a tablespoon, a few cucumbers and tomatoes, toast and a grapefruit should be consumed;.
  • On the fourth day should be treated with a half chicken, three tomatoes, cucumbers, apples and pears;.
  • Menu fifth day: 2 eggs, grapefruit, green salad, a couple of tomatoes;.
  • During the 6th day you can take pleasure in 2 chicken fillets, 125 grams of cheese and the exact same quantity of yoghurt, a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers;.
  • On the last day of the diet includes eggs, canned tuna, fresh vegetables and grapefruit.

Evaluations of egg diet for 4 weeks.

Due to the fact that the diet plan is varied, it is simple to keep. In the opinion of the reduced weight, the weight continues to go for the whole month, but in the first week of the extra pounds simply melt away.

Drawbacks experienced just those suffering from illness of the liver and intestinal system – they egg diet plan Egg diet – the total rehabilitation of the eggs Egg diet plan – the total rehabilitation of the eggs hardly appropriate. Healthy people can likewise lose a lot.