Misconceptions and strategies about fat in the abdominal area

Many people suffer from fat mass. Around the abdominal area, at the hips, the buttocks. However, there are misconceptions about fat in the abdominal area. This article goes into this in more detail, together with the strategies.


The first misconception is that you get rid of the fat in your abdominal area by training your abdominal muscles. Some believe that when you train the underlying muscles, the fat on top of it automatically disappears. This is a very persistent misconception: fat is only burned by cardio training, not by making your muscles stronger.


The truth is that your body determines where fat is stored and which fat is used as fuel. And this system of fat storage and use as energy is genetically determined. Your body wants to treat fat reserves on a few smart strategies.

1st strategy

First of all, your body stores this extra energy in your abdominal area because in that way it requires less energy to carry the fat mass. Remember that fat mass serves as a reserve for your body, so your body has to be smart about the production, storage and use of these reserves. That is why the fat stores in the body parts that require the least energy to move. And your belly is such a place. It would not be logical to store the fat reserves around your fingers and toes, because they are constantly in motion and would therefore require extra energy to carry the fat mass.

So if your body wants to build a portable energy reserve, the abdominal area is an ideal place.

2nd strategy

Second, the storage of body fat also has another function, namely to reproduce. This is especially true in women, where the fat reserves are mainly stored on the hips, the buttocks and the breasts to become more attractive to the male hunters. Just as in nature, for example, birds use colors to attract potential males.

Of course you do not have to think for yourself where your fat reserves are stored. This is a fully automatic process.

3rd strategy

Third, your body only stores fat where fat cells are present. This may seem obvious, but with this problem, people who undergo liposuction. Fat cells are removed from the abdomen, the hips, the back or any other place, but the fat is stored in another undesirable place.

Suppose you follow an unhealthy lifestyle and you undergo liposuction to remove the fat in your abdominal area. After the liposuction you just continue with your unhealthy way of life, so your body wants to store the superfluous fat mass somewhere. But because the fat cells in your abdominal area are removed, your body can not store the fat reserves in your abdominal area. And so the fat is stored under your chin, on your arms or hips. Your body can only store fat in existing fat cells. When fat cells are removed, your body can not store fat at that location.